Up North with Gary Talarico – June 2009

Gary Talarico is an Editor at Fish and Game Finder Magazine.  His monthly column, “Up North”, can be enjoyed by picking up a copy of this great magazine at any store that offers fishing, hunting or outdoor products, or by downloading it from their website.

June is finally here! What a great month for the sportsman.  Great fishing with warm temperatures is the norm.  June is the beginning of summer.  As Mongo would say “summer good”.  I get tired of shivering.  I think the older one gets the more you shiver.  It was a long and cold winter and spring.  I shivered so much at times some of the hairs on my head wiggled loose.  At least that’s my excuse for my receding hairline and I’m sticking to it.

Black Fly Enjoying A MealUp here in the Upper Peninsula the trees have finally popped their leaves.  The only bad thing about this time of year up here is the blackflies.  The swarms are so large they look like billowing black storm clouds swirling about.  Get close to one and it will drive you insane.  The small, gnat-like flies are experts at finding ways to torture a human.  They bite too!  They can draw blood!  The bite leaves a large, itchy welt.  They know that there are 7 openings on the human head and they do their best to get in all of them.  Personally, I feel they taste like chicken.  A rottin’, sour piece of chicken that is.  I heard once that the Canadian government keeps a list of everyone driven clinically insane by the little buggers.  I believe it.  Not much deters them.  I picked up some 100% DEET.  They lick it and smile.  The only thing that will keep them from biting you is a stiff wind.

The saving grace is Mother Nature.  She sends the dragonflies to our defense.  Since I moved to the U.P. I have a new found affection for the dragonflies that buzz my yard, taking out the little devils.  I wish I could buy some.  It would be a certain purchase.
Time for a Sportt the dog report.  I have found that he likes to run.  When I say run, I actually mean fast trot away while looking at me and seemingly conveying the message “you only run using 2 legs, you can’t catch me!!”.  He is just a big nose on a neck.  A feather falling from a high flying chickadee gets him going.  I think he will get better at responding to commands.  I have to remember he was raised without any training or manners.  After living with me and my wife, who I lovingly call “Cesarella”, in tribute to her favorite show and host “The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan”, Sportt is getting better.  The only thing I don’t like about my wife watching the show is she now applies Cesars’ mantra to me as well, “exercise, then discipline, THEN affection”.  I am confident he has just selective hearing, not deaf like he sometimes would like for me to believe.  He is alot like a teenager.  A teenager that will never move out that is.
Finally, get out on the water or in the woods. It will make you happier and healthier.




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