LIMITED QUANTITIES! FREE SHIPPING! Okuma Fin-Chaser Pink Spinning Rod & Reel Combos

Okuma Fin Chaser Pink Spinning Rod & Reel Combos
Okuma Fin Chaser Pink Spinning Rod & Reel Combos

Almost a cultural icon, the beloved Fin Chaser Combo by Okuma, features a ball bearing drive and a machined aluminum spool . Great for kids or beginners, but also very functional for even the most skilled fisherman to use.  Pick-Up a great combo at a fantastic price for your next day fishing!

Combo Features:
  • Pink Medium Light action 6′ rod
  • Durable glass blank construction
  • Durable ceramic guide inserts
  • Comfortable cork grips
  • Front drag models
  • Aluminum spools
  • Fin Chaser combo comes spooled with line



Up North with Gary Talarico – July 2009

Gary Talarico is an Editor at Fish and Game Finder Magazine. His monthly column, “Up North”, can be enjoyed by picking up a copy of this great magazine at any store that offers fishing, hunting or outdoor products, or by downloading it from their website.

We finally have Summer weather up here in the Upper Peninsula.  It was late coming and the Fall will be here too soon. The great news is the blackflies are GONE.  There is one pesky bug, however, the mosquitoes.  Now the only annoyance is the skeeters but they are fightable.  DEET, a brisk wind, the smoke off a campfire or amazingly, laundry dryer sheets help with the assault on those winged bloodsuckers.  They work just great.  I hang them from the back of my hat and wipe them on my clothes and even on my skin.  Now I know I smell like field of flowers when I use them, but my wife says it is way better than the other smells I exude. They are non-toxic, which is a good thing, especially with kids.  I wipe them on Sportt the dog as well.  As most of you know, heartworm is spread by them ‘lil vampires.  I think the dual prevention of heartworm medicine and dryer sheets will keep my best friend with four legs from a terrible disease and mucho scratching.

Now that I have mentioned my lab I can give the Sporrt Report.  With much help training from my wife and our new electronic training collar, I can happily tell you Sporrt is now no longer restricted to a cable in the yard or the end of a leash.  He sticks right next to us when we go for walks.  He is pretty much broken the habit of shooting off like a greyhound after the rabbit as soon as he free from tethers.  It is a real treat to hang out now with him outdoors.  I am truly a believer in the Cesar Millan/Dog Whisperer methods.  My wife is pretty much an expert in the methods.  The only beef I have with it is she occasionally slips and uses the commands on me.  I guess as long as I don’t have to wear the shock collar I can live with that.

Gary with 20" Largemouth Bass

Gary with 20" Largemouth Bass

The fishing right now is wonderful.  The fish are in their summer patterns now so you must search for them accordingly.  Look for weed beds and structure.  Points that jut out into the lake are always a good bet.  Submerged humps or islands are always good.  Start slow when trolling or drifting.  Fish are lazy creatures as a rule.  Speed up if you aren’t getting the bite.  This is a great time to be on the water. If you look over yonder to the right you’ll see a 20″ Largemouth Bass I caught in South Manistique Lake at dusk this past Sunday.