Up North with Gary Talarico – August 2009

August has arrived up here in the Upper Peninsula with a whimper as far as the weather is concerned. It’s not been very warm and few sunny days. That is only a bad thing for the gardens and sunbathers though. Fishing has been reported to be excellent about everywhere.

On the big lakes Michigan and Huron the trout and salmon have been slammin’ the lures. The guys at Flintstone Lures called me recently really excited. One of their lures was taken by the winning brown trout at the Rogers City tournament, a colorful brute that weighed in just shy of 19 pounds. Look for a picture in next month’s issue. The reports from the guys at Fire Plug and Killin’ Time Charters on the Lake Michigan side are just as glowing. There is lots of action and tasty fillets. A squeeze of lemon, some slaw and a cold beverage makes the fishing even more memorable.

The inland lake reports are very good as well. Below the bridge, the Chain ‘O Lakes are giving up panfish, bass and northern pike. Lake Charlevoix has been a good destination for walleye, perch, bass and northern pike. The walleye in Burt and Mullet Lakes have been taking crawlers, minnows and trolled body baits.

Big Bluegills!

Big Bluegills!

Up here in Michigans’ wilderness above the bridge the fish are fattening up as well. On South Manistique Lake the bluegill bite has been phenomenal. Check out the picture of 11+ inchers. Lots of walleye, largemouth bass and northern pike have been netted as well. Don’t forget the muskie bite that will be coming on as the trees start to change. There are 50+ inch toothy fish in the South lake so bring big lures and stout rods. Big Manistique Lake has been giving up large numbers of walleye. A 10 pounder is very possible on this fishy lake. There are big perch to be had when you find them. Smallmouth bass and northern pike round out the main targets for this multiple structure blessed lake. The trout and salmon bite is excellent out of Manistique on Lake Michigan. Walleye, trout and salmon can also be had fishing the mouth of the Manistique River as it enters the Big Lake.

Now is also the time to start honing your skills for the upcoming bow and gun seasons for the upcoming deer seasons. Summer is a busy time so practice time usually suffers. We owe it to those majestic whitetails a quick kill shot. I have been seeing lots of partridge this year. It should be a very good small game season.

For all you computer savvy outdoor folks, you can now Twitter me at @LureSecure and check out my tweets and pics of fish. Hope to see you on the water or in the field!



Gary Talarico is an Editor at Fish and Game Finder Magazine. His monthly column, “Up North”, can be enjoyed by picking up a copy of this great magazine at any store that offers fishing, hunting or outdoor products, or by downloading it from their website.