Up North with Gary Talarico – September 2009

Wow. It’s fall up here in the north woods. I saw red leaves falling. It gave me the shivers for a second. I had a flashback to snow shovel in hand, shivering. Up here in the Upper Peninsula it was the summer of no summer. It was generally cool or wet or both. I do look forward to the fall activities though. Grouse and squirrel hunting. Fantastic fall fishing. Bow deer season. Turkey hunting. Lots of excuses not to rake.

grousegunswoodsI have to get on the ‘ol soapbox for a few minutes. If you don’t want to hear about loss of your liberty, turn away. Better yet, give this magazine (or the address to this blog post) to another sportsman. Here’s the deal.

It seems that President Obama’s homey in Chicago, Representative Bobby Rush, has introduced a bill in Congress to take more of your gun rights away. It is called the Blair Holt Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009, better known as HR45. It would require all gun owners to apply for a 5 year license to own a firearm. It would require current gun owners to apply for a license to keep your gun. No license, no gun ownership. You would be under the whim and authority of the Attorney General. That Attorney General, by the way, is the same Eric Holder who wants to prosecute the interrogators that got information from terrorists that kept us safe for the last 8 years. Is that the guy you want deciding whether you get to own a gun?


There would be a tax on every firearm you own and purchase in the future. Every 5 years there will be a re-application fee (tax). Remember, the anti-gun zealots will keep trying to get guns out of the hands of us law-abiding gun owners. Criminals will always have guns, they do not go to gun shops or shows, fill out the ATF forms and submit to the system. They buy their guns illegally. No gun has ever killed a person, people kill people. If you take away the guns and rights of law-abiding citizens, only the criminals will have guns.

It’s time we band together and act like patriots, not sheep. Do not let the socialist wish list of the liberal progressives get passed into law by a congress that has a slobbering love affair with Obama’s vision of a socialist nation. Call, write or email your Congressmen and Senators with your opposition to HR45 and the other pending legislation that will be bad for our country.

And don’t forget…



Gary Talarico is an Editor at Fish and Game Finder Magazine. His monthly column, “Up North”, can be enjoyed by picking up a copy of this great magazine at any store that offers fishing, hunting or outdoor products, or by downloading it from their website.