LureSecure Heads To Minnesota

We recently headed to the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” to visit our manufacturing partners and a few of the finer sporting goods stores and bait shops along the way.  As usual, the people were friendly, the sights magnificent, and the laughter and frivolity were free-flowing.  This time we went armed with a boatload of inventory, racks, signs, digital cameras, iPhones and a per diem allowance that allowed for hearty meals, decent accommodations, full gas tanks and a couple of nice bar tabs.

Along the way we ran into some of Minnesota’s better known characters.  They didn’t say much, and althought their size was imposing, they seemed friendly enough.

We were very pleased with how well LureSecure Lure Wraps were received during our journey through Minnesota’s beautiful lake country.  Fishermen were excited such a simple, yet effective product existed.  Shop owners and managers loaded up on them for the upcoming ice fishing season.  Fish cowered in terror in the lakes we visited.

This was a our “shakedown cruise” for our upcoming launch at the 17th Annual St. Paul Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show, December 4-6.  We’re fully stocked up with product, have our marketing resources established and assembled, and have just a few items in our high tech order placement and inventory tracking system to put in place.  We’re devoted to providing the best products possible, promoting them via avant garde methods that help us stay in touch with our end users, and providing the best customer service possible to our distributors and retailers.  We’re finding our iPhones and social media assets invaluable in meeting these goals.

If you’d rather purchase your LureSecure Lure Wraps from your favorite local sporting goods store or bait shop, then you need to check out our new page – Retail Locations.  Thus far it has locations in Minnesota where our products are available, but as our distribution network grows, so will this page.  You can also purchase LureSecure Lure Wraps online by going to our LureSecure Sales page.  Either way, make sure you’re stocked up for ice fishing season.  There’s nothing worse than dealing with tangled tackle on the ice, or hook wounds that could have been avoided.  With LureSecure Lure Wraps, hook wounds and tangled tackle are a thing of the past.


PRESS RELEASE: AnglerQuest And St. Paul’s Rebuild Resources Team Up To Launch Innovative Fishing Accessory

AnglerQuest LLC and St. Paul’s Rebuild Resources have teamed up to introduce a new and unique fishing product, the LureSecure. The LureSecure has countless benefits for the angler, including eliminating the possibility of painful hook wounds in fingers, children or pets, keeping ice fishing pail rods tangle free as well as eliminating the aggravating chore of freeing fish hooks out of boat or vehicle carpets.

AnglerQuest is a Michigan company formed for anglers by anglers dedicated to making the fishing experience safer and more enjoyable.

Social responsibility is an important tenant of AnglerQuest and one of the paramount reasons they chose Rebuild Resources to manufacture the LureSecure. Rebuild Resources is a non-profit social enterprise helping men and women in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions rebuild their lives through the most powerful social program of all: a job.

Rebuild owns and operates businesses in St. Paul, Minnesota, providing meaningful, transitional employment for men and women who want to become sober, self-sufficient and of service. Student-employees stay long enough to stabilize, build a job history and work reference, gain tangible skills, and build their capacity to be valuable to an employer. Then Rebuild helps them land a permanent job elsewhere, making room for the next candidate.

Rebuild’s businesses, which provide most of the organization’s revenue, include Custom Apparel and Promotions and Contract Manufacturing enterprises. Rebuild’s Contract Manufacturing enterprise employees program participants through a wide variety of assembly, woodworking and sewing projects, contracted by partner businesses such as AnglerQuest. For more information, please visit

Gary Talarico, President of AnglerQuest, LLC had this to say about the partnership:
“AnglerQuest has chosen to work hand in hand with Rebuild Resources for multiple reasons. At the initial contact, Kevin Byker (Rebuild’s Contract Manufacturing Division Leader) was enthusiastic and very helpful. He seemed to truly want our business. As a new start-up company, we wanted our vendor partner’s values to share our socially conscious agenda. After the sample LureSecures were returned for our inspection, the quality of workmanship was excellent and pricing was competitive as well. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with this exceptional group of people.”

AnglerQuest is proud to launch the LureSecure at the 17th Annual St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show, giving all anglers a means of protecting themselves, family, friends and pets from painful hook wounds and at the very least, unwelcome aggravation.