In Honor Of Staff Sgt. John Reiners

I called my friend Jeff Wever of Dry Hands Minnow Buckets the other day to say hello and make plans for attending the Outdoorama show in Novi the last weekend of February. I could tell he was feeling down and asked what was bothering him. He sadly, but proudly, told me his nephew, 24 year old Army Ranger John Reiners, was serving his third tour in Afghanistan. His tour was almost over and his father was planning an ATV trip with his son when he came home this summer.
A suicide bomber on a motorcycle rode into his squad of five Army Rangers and Marines while on patrol and detonated a bomb, killing John and two of his mates and seriously wounding the other two. I welled up inside as my buddy filled me in with some of the details. I was saddened, but also felt another emotion as well – pride. I know the wife and young son he left are devastated, but also feeling pride. I never met John Reiners. I never even heard his name before my pal told me his melancholy tale. But I feel big pride in a big way.


We all must always be proud. Proud of our men and women fighting on the other side of the world to protect and preserve our country. Preserving our way of life. Preserving our respect for life. Protecting our families. If we weren’t fighting the enemy, who strives to wipe us off the face of the earth, in the Iraq/Afghanistan theater, blood would be spilling on our soil. Innocent American citizens would be wounded and dying in our towns and cities. Dying in our families neighborhoods.


We owe the soldiers and sailors who make huge sacrifices themselves, often making the ultimate sacrifice of giving their life. Sacrificing so we can live, laugh and love. So we can fish and hunt. So we can hit the trails by snowmobile or ATV. So we can hit the water in our boats. So I can go to the Outdoorama and not worry that some crazy jihadist is going to set off a bomb and ruin a lot of folks lives.


So be proud and shake the hand of every military person you meet. Pay for their meal. Buy them a beverage. Pay it forward. And pray for peace.


The show season is winding down. Make sure you check one out, grab your kids or a pal and head to a show. You’ll learn a lot, have some fun and be better off for it.


See you on the water, in the woods or at the show!




AnglerQuest & Team LureSecure offer their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Staff Sgt. John Reiners. Please take a few moments to honor him by learning more about him ….

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