About Us

LureSecure is the brainchild of Gary and Kelly Talarico, who reside in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Gary has been an avid fisherman since childhood while growing up in fish-rich Petoskey, Michigan.  He has been an outdoor writer and entrepreneur for the past couple of decades, most notably as a Senior Field Editor with the Fish and Game Finder Magazine.

In 2006 Gary was tiring of having to clean his catch all the time by himself and came to the conclusion that EHarmony was the best strategy to find his lifetime fishin’ partner, his wallhanger as they say.  The strategy worked and just like the famous commercials claim, it was love at first bite.  Her name is Kelly and she is now Gary’s wife, partner and luckily for Gary, a fishing gear carrier.  Kelly even baits her own hook! 

After untangling rods, freeing hooks from carpet & clothing, and sometimes a finger, an idea was born.  A crystal clear lure wrap that would serve multiple purposes.  Heavy duty clear vinyl would let the angler see what lure AND color was rigged, a quality no other lure protector could claim.  The LureSecure was born.

Now with thousands sold, Gary and Kelly have expanded the concept, with sizes for every fishing situation – ice fishing to big water, saltwater to freshwater.  Pink LureSecures for female anglers are the latest offering.  Kelly’s newest idea (which is taking the female fishing world by storm) is her FISH FASHIONS earrings, made out of real fishing blades!

Other items are on the drawing table so check back often.

We thank you for visiting our blog and hope you’ll come back often.

Gary Talarico & the Lure Secure

Gary Talarico & the LureSecure



Gary & Kelly

Gary & Kelly




Gary & Kelly Talarico
Germfask, MI  49836
Toll Free 877 – 4FISH11
More Info? –> info@luresecure.com
Contact Gary –> gary@luresecure.com
Contact Kelly –> kelly@fishfashions.net
Twitter: @LureSecure



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