17th Annual Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show – Day 2 December 4, 2009


It wasn’t a truck, but something definitely had left a mark – I was exhausted. What happened to the good ol’ days in college when I could pull all-nighters, party like an animal and live happily with a modicum of sleep? I never sleep well in hotel rooms, and this was definitely the case on this occasion. Oh well, nothing copious amounts of java couldn’t remedy. It took much of that just to become sentient again.

Mongo and Chief Fishfinder headed off to Rebuild Resources to pick up additional inventory, along with our banner and shirts (which we had them make). Mrs. Mongo, Aimee and I finished setting up our booth, and took a little time to meet our neighbors (Jeff of Dry Hands Minnow Buckets and the crew from Wolfpack Adventures).

Everything was going smoothly until we encountered the wifi setup for the convention. Between an l in our password (“is that an L or and I?”) and the security protocols put in effect by River Centre, we managed to immediately lock out one of our laptops from their network. Seems you get three access attempts and you’re done…and I mean DONE! Luckily their IT guys remedied the situation with a cabled Ethernet connection, and we provided the rest of the magic. Before long we had all our iPhones ready for transactions via iSwipe and Ring It Up. We were up & running, ready to do business and tweet live from the Show.

Our other hurdle for the day came when we realized Overnight Prints had dropped the ball on our business card order. Once I learned they hadn’t even begun processing our order, and that a nearby printer could meet their price and have our custom cards done in an hour, I cancelled my order with Overnight Prints. I’ve used them before without issue, but on this occasion, they really screwed up (searches on the internet reveal they’re inexpensive and provide great product, but you shouldn’t depend on them in a clutch). The team at Allegra Print & Imaging saved our asses, and they did so with competence, professionalism and a good sense of humor. Good thing Aimee found them during her lunch!

The doors opened at 1 pm, and for a Friday, attendance was decent. As folks got off work, the crowd continued to grow. We were pleased with the interest in our products. This was going to be a good show.

When dinner time rolled around, Mongo & Chief Fishfinder grabbed some killer grub at the world-famous Mickey’s Dining Car. When it was our turn, Aimee & I headed to Sakura for some great sushi. The show closed out at 9 pm, and we all crawled back to our rooms via St. Paul’s Skyway for some much deserved rest.

Once back in our comfy rooms, we reviewed the day. All agreed on many things, but two common threads emerged. The people of Minnesota are friendly as hell, take pride in their cities and enjoy their outdoor activities. The other thing we discussed was how impressed we were with St. Paul, and how cool it was that via the Skyway we could walk to the show, without ever going out into the cold. Those of us that did venture outdoors found the city clean and a joy to explore.

Rice Park - St. Paul, Minnesota


17th Annual Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show: Day 1 December 3, 2009

Off to the holylands we went, in the very wee hours of the morning. We were on a pilgrimage, to a place where ice fishing is a religion. We headed north and west, to Minnesota, packed to the gills with supplies, gear and inventory. We were about to spend the weekend with hordes of fellow ice fisherman at 17th Annual Ice Fishing & Winter Sports Show.

For this journey to the ice fishing holylands, the LureSecure Team consisted of myself, Mike Argyle of ClearStream Concepts, my wife Aimee Argyle of Northern Shores Realty in Belliare, MI, “Mongo” & Mrs. Mongo of Petoskey, MI and Chief Fishfinder, Gary Talarico of AnglerQuest. Aimee & I rolled out the drive and into the snow at 3 am, so we could catch up with the Mongos and the “show trailer” on the northern side of the Mighty Mac Bridge. Gary, the lucky bastid, got to sleep in.

Frankly, I don’t remember much from the first couple hours of the trip. Despite my best efforts (and a benadryl) the night before, I didn’t sleep a wink. Once in the car, however, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I drifted in and out of usefulness, until the energy drink I guzzled kicked in….then I turned into a sleep-deprived idiot. To shut me up, and keep me out of trouble, Aimee handed over the driving duties once we met up with the Mongos.

We arrived at AnglerQuest Headquarters in Germfask well before dawn, where we loaded the trailer with remaining show items. Then we bid fond farewells to Gary’s wife, Kelly, and blasted off westward….into a typical Upper Peninsula snow flurry. Luckily the incoming storm was a few days away, so there wasn’t much snow to worry about. We had smooth sailing all the way to St. Paul, with mostly clear roads.

After roughly 13 hours on the road, we hit St. Paul, Minnesota at about 5 pm (including time change). It took us a bit to locate the entrance into River Centre, but once we did, we found the arrangements, facility and customer service top notch. The loading dock was indoors, so we didn’t have to unload outside in the elements. Luck was with us when we arrived – we were able to drive up, back in and unload.

Between four of us (Mongo handled truck & trailer logistics) the LureSecure booth went up efficiently and it looked great. Our corner location across from Clam Corp. and StrikeMaster Ice Augers, and near Frabill, was sure to provide us with plenty of traffic. The stage was set for a good show for LureSecure’s product launch. We checked into our rooms, had an excellent meal at Great Waters Brewing Co. and crashed HARD that night.

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